A Unique Embroidery School



Mridula's School of Embroidery & Fashion Design founded by Mridula Nagarajan is a unique school of its kind dedicated to the art of Embroidery combining the beauty and power of traditional techniques and its application to modern Apparel & Fasion design.The School since its establishmnent has trained innumerable women in Needlecraft and Embroidery for more than thirty years.

The School was formed with the objective of fostering the art of needlework,Indian and International hand Embroidery and its applications to Apparel & Fashion design through high standard of education and techniques in embroidery. The school has pioneered the learning of Embroidery to the women in India and across the world through its distance education and correspondence programs. The School also helps creating employment and commercial opportunities for its students.


What do we teach?

We offer comprehensive regular and correspondence courses. We teach stitch based embroidery like Freestyle (Crewel) and counted thread embroideries.In this the various types of applications of the stitches on designs with their permutations and combinations are taught. We teach a variety of Indian and European embroideries that have a distinct,unique styles ,structures and regional concepts.

Indian embroidery courses include Kantha from Bengal, Kasuthi from Karnataka, Kutch from Gujarat, Mirrorwork (Gujarat and Rajasthan), Phulkari from Punjab, Chikankari from Uttar Pradesh, Toda from Tamil Nadu, Kashmiri from Kashmir.(taught through regular school and correspondence courses)

European embroidery courses include Spanish Blackwork,Cross stitch & Assisi,Lagartera,Bargello,Norweave and Kelim.(taught as regular courses)

We have a comprehensive course on Aari & Zadosi (Tambour) Embroidery with a variety of applications taught.(taught as a regular course).

We offer Dress making courses through which students can master pattern making and tailoring of dresses.This course also enables one to effectively apply the techniques of embroidery on various dresses.

Fashion Design :

Pattern Making,Tailoring & Embroidery Applications

Embroidery plays a vital role in ornamenting the surface of dresses to highlight their aesthetic beauty and visual impact.This is a beautiful art which enhances the value of the dresses commercially.

All the Indian and European embroidery varieties with their intricate and unique regional design structures along with various kinds of fabrics and colors add to the glamour and help to create new fashion concepts and dresses.

Our Comprehensive Embroidery courses combined with the Pattern making & Tailoring courses helps you to enhance your knowledge, approach and creations in fashion design.

About the Founder  

Mridula Nagarajan ,Founder of the School brings more than forty years of rich experience teaching,nurturing and researching across the gamut of the Indian and International embroidery.

Traveling across India,She took great efforts to integrate some of the niche regional embroideries such as Kantha, Kasuthi, Kutch, Phulkari, Chickankari, Kashmiri, Aari, Zardosi, Thoda and Mirror work and their unique techniques and incorporated them effectively through the School's Programs. She pioneered the Distance Education in Embroidery through the introduction of well designed correspondence courses through which a large number of women Globally have been able to learn and appreciate the various embroideries,techniques and applications for their home and commercial use.

Mridula helps create prototypes for Anchor Design Studio,a Needle Craft design division of Madura Coats which are published in Needle & Thread Magazine and she also compiled the syllabus for One year Diploma and Advanced diploma in Embroidery as a design consultant.

Her articles on Embroidery featured regularly in the popular Women's magazine Aval Vikatan published by Vikatan Publications , one of the oldest and most popular Magazine Publishers in India for four years between 2000-2004 and a part of which was published as a Book by Vikatan Publications.

She has conducted several workshops as to the the Design and Embroidery applications. Currently ,Mridula's focus is on creating niche applications using Aari & Zardosi Embroidery for the dresses to help improve their export opportunites and proliferation.