Regular Courses



The school conducts regular courses (Certificate & Diploma) in various types of Indian and European embroideries and also in Dress Design and Tailoring.

Group I : Freestyle Embroidery & Indian Embroidery
Group II : Counted Thread Embroidery and European Embroidery
Group III : Aari and Zardosi
Group IV: Fashion Dress design and Tailoring. (Click here for more details>>)

A student may choose any of these courses separately and if a student completes any one of the above groups separately,they will be awarded certificates on a successful completion based on project assessment.To be eligible for the certificates, the student has to submit the project work within the stipulated time limit. Depending on the assessment of the project work, either the Basic or Advanced Certificate will be issued.

The certificates is issued jointly by the School and Coats India, (Handicrafts division of Madura Coats Ltd).

On Successful completion of all the courses (Groups I to III) with the prescribed time and based upon project assessment** and grading, a Diploma Certificate will be issued.

** Assessment after Project Work : Based upon written assignments, Design folios and internal assessment.

Number of Classes :

Group I consists of Modules I and II - 80 Classes (4 months limit )
Group II consists of Modules III and IV - 80 classes (4 months limit)
Group III consists of Aari and Zardosi - 40 classes (2 months limit)
Group IV : Dress Design and Tailoring : Consists of One Weeks course , 2 months course and 6 months Diploma courses.
(Click here for more details on the Dress design and Tailoring course details)

Group I to IV Course Information :

The groups can be taken flexibly by the students either independently or in a combined manner
for the Diploma qualification.We advise you to visit our school for counseling.

Group I

Course Fee in RS
Indian Embroidery (8 types)
Module I

Freestyle Embroidery-Applications of the various popular stitches practised around the world.

Module II
Kantha Embroidery (West Bengal) ,
Kasuthi and Negi (Karnataka)
Kutch Embroidery (Gujarat)
Mirrorwork (Gujarat & Rajasthan)
Phulkari (Punjab)
Chikankari (Lucknow)
Kashmiri (Kashmir)
Toda (Tamilnadu-Nilgiris)

Group II

Course Fee in RS
European Embroidery
Module-1 : PHASE 1
Counted Thread Embroidery stitches
Module -1: Phase 2
Applications of the various unique stitches on a wall hanging (king & six queens)
Module II
European Embroidery (6 types)
Cross stitch and Assisi

Group III

Course Fee in RS

ARI / ZARDOSI / CUT WORK (Tambour Embroidery)

Module I

Module II

Module III




Basic Stitches
Mirror work
Stone work
Metallic Thread
Beads & Sequins

Group IV

Course Fee in RS Fashion Design & Tailoring

1) 1 week (6 classes)

2) Two months Basic course

3) 6 months course Click here for more details





1) Any individual garment

2) Samples of 15 dresses with different pattern makings and stitching techniques

3)Specialisation on ,skirts,tops,varieties of blouses ,salwar khameez and pants ,shirts,accessories etc

Enquiry,Registration & Enrollment :

Please call us or visit the school for a counseling
Please visit the contact us page for more information.

School Timings : The School is open from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. and 1 p.m to 4 p.m. on weekdays