School of Embroidery & Fashion Design


Learn Hand Embroidery & Fashion Design in a Professional way!

Mridula's School of Embroidery & Fashion Design has been established with a vision to bring together all the types of beautiful hand embroidery prevalent in India and across the world.

The structure of our courses and approach to learning enable students to appreciate the practical application of this art to be realised in an aesthetic manner, as applied to Dresses, Furnishings and Accessories beautifully. Click here for more information>>

We are the only school to enable learning embroidery through distance education successfully since 2004.We have a structured program in all the popular Indian embroidery varieties enabling any one across the world to effectively learn and be benefitted by them Click here for more information on Distance Education >>

Upgraded MSE-II Distance Education Courses in Indian Embroidery Available now!

After months of Research & Development,we have done a major revamp of the MSE-II (Advanced) distance education courses in Indian embroidery.The upgraded courses available now in English contains the essence of four decades of our experience researching and teaching the most exquisite and popular,Ethnic Indian embroideries from various regions of India and this new course content is wholesome to cater to the various needs of learning effectively through distance education.
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We are shortly releasing the demonstration videos on all the Eight types of Indian embroideries and Freestyle/Crewel embroidery to make it more visual and to help accelerate the learning of the courses more effectively and independently !

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We custom design, embroider and stitch bridal wear / special occasion wear for all ages. Please contact us @ 8695605050 for a special dress.

Short Term Dress design & Tailoring courses Click here for details >>